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If you primarily use Adobe Photoshop for creating Web images, there are a few program changes you should make. These few tweaks will result in better Web graphics.

1. Go to File > Preferences > Saving Files

2. Set Image Previews to Never Save.

3. Go to File > Preferences > Units and Rulers

4. Set the Unit of measure to pixels.

5. Click one of the color swatches on the toolbar and check the box for Only Web-Safe Colors.

Image previews have been known to cause problems for AOL users viewing JPEG images through AOL’s default browser.

It also adds several bytes to the file size.

Pixels are the standard unit of measure for Web images.

72 pixels equal approximately one inch on a standard monitor.

Restricting the color palette to web-safe colors will ensure that colors will not shift or dither when your images are viewed on another computer.

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