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If you work on windows , you know that shutting it down can be really a hassle and time taking , especially when a lot of programs are running . Most of us tend to avoid shut down due to this reason but we know that shut down is always safer and also considered good for the pc .

There are a lot of shut down tricks and tools available , which help you to achieve a smooth and fast shut down of windows without negatively affecting your pc . However this trick , which was suggested to me by a friend , is probably the simplest one and also the fastest way to shut down your pc .

Here are the steps :-

1: Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to go to the Task Manager .

2: Click on Shut Down on the Top .

3: Highlight ‘ Turn Off ‘ and while holding down the Ctrl key , click on it .

And thats it ! Just count 1 , 2 , 3…5 and there you go…your pc is off !

I have tried this trick on my XP system and it has worked everytime and hasn’t negatively affected my pc . I haven’t tried this on any other version of Windows but I think it’ll work .

However I advise you to use this trick only when you are in a rush and you need a speedy shut down of your pc .

Any suggestions, ideas? Feel free to comment on this article!

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