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Avast: Another free Anti-Virus software. Just as good as AVG. However this one is more system intensive than AVG or NOD.
Bitdefender: Popular anti-virus software- Free of charge. (Free- NOT real time scanning -only manual scanning)
ClamWin: Small and non-intrusive anti-virus. Like Bitdefender (Free- NOT real time scanning -only manual scanning)
AntiVir: An anti-virus that has been around for a long time – still free for home use.
Blink: First security solution to build all of the necessary protection layers into a very lightweight package. (Contains a software Firewall)
NOD32: The absolute BEST anti-virus protection. (I know, I clean scumware for a living). 30day trial. Or purchase.
Kaspersky: A very sweet anti-virus software with a 30day trial. Be sure to JUST get the AV, not the full suite of bloatness.

TheCleaner: This finds/prevents trojan horses. This is on a 30day trial, however very recommended – try it.
DiamondCS: Many high-end programs for worm/Trojan detection, 30day trial.
Windowsecurity: Free online Trojan scanner.

Ad-Aware SE: Great for getting rid of spyware and malware – the items that can cause annoying pop-ups.
SpyBot: Similar to Ad-Aware, however more aggressive. Clean up spyware and hijack attempts.
SpyCatcher: Active Protection. One of the most advanced antispyware solution available as a free service.
AVG AntiSpyware : Clean annoying malware such as spyware, Trojans and hijackers. Great compliment to an anti-virus.
MalwareBytes: Since programs like Ad-Aware have become.. crap, this is a GREAT replacement for cleaning.
CounterSpy: Probably the best shield against spyware. The best database cleaner there is. Period. 30day trial.
Comodo BOClean: This is more of a “real time” (run the the background) anti-spyware. Not a fan of TSR’s, but this works.
CWShredder: Takes care of many hijacking software – run if you get many pop-ups/redirecting pages.
HijackThis: Tool to find out if there is “hijack” software on your system. Use the logfile analyzer if your not sure.
Kill2me: Another stomper of spyware – bring it on.
KillBox: Very nice for taking care of “Abetterinternet” and other n00bish software.
a² free: This bridges the gap with anti-virus and malware. This free scanner cleans Trojans, worms, spyware (all malware).
SpywareBlaster: Active prevention against spyware, adware, browser hijackers and dialers.
HitmanPro2: Incorporates all major Anti-Spyware software and updates/runs them all for you. Too cool.
WinDiz: Windows updates with FireFox. Great if ActiveX is damaged by spyware.

POPfile: Perfect/Free ani-Spam tool. Involved installation, but once it’s set – it’s good.
IHateSpam: For Exchange (V5.5, 2000 and 2003) was uniquely developed to be both user and admin-friendly. 30day trial.
Spamihilator works between your E-Mail client and the net. Useless spam mails (Junk) will be filtered out.
SpamBayes: is a tool used to segregate unwanted mail (spam) from the mail you want (ham).
SpamPal: Mail classification program that separates your spam from the mail you really want to read.
OSpam: A great and simple spam solution for any POP account.

Sygate. Just bought by Symantec – now it’s going to be crap. Hurry and get this before it happens.
Tiny: Tiny is a free firewall. It is designed for the more advanced due to the heavy features included.
Comodo: Great little personal firewall. This is pretty new and robust.
OutPost: An Opensource based firewall. Works very well protecting against worms, trojans and hackers.
Kerio: Smart, easy-to-use personal security technology that fully protects PC’s against hackers and internal misuse. The best.
Protowall: Very small application that blocks IP address. Very cool.
Prevx: Stops the attacks that bypass anti-virus and firewall products.

PowerCrypt 2000: Encrypted files, folders and E-mails. This free file lets you hide all your data.
PGP: “Pretty Good Privacy”. Actually it’s probably the best encryption software out there. Free – PC/MAC
Cryptainer LE: Secure your data and ensure absolute privacy with Cypherix’s powerful 128bit encryption.
BitCrypt: A sophisticated tool allowing for encryption of plain text within a bitmap image.
EasyCrypto: Encrypt both standalone files and entire folders. Many cool options here.
Truecrypt: Free open-source disk encryption software for Windows XP/2000/2003.
MD5HashGen: Simple application that can generate one-way MD5 hashes – Great for password generations.
PerfectPasswords: GRC’s Ultra High Security Password Generator.
RoboForm: A free password manager and one-click web form filler. Just be carefull who uses your PC.
Password Safe: Allows you to have a different password for all the different items that you deal with – remembers for you.
CutePasswordManager: Form filling software that auto fill user/password. Stores info with 256-bit AES encryption – 1click login. *
PIN’s: Storing of any secure information like passwords, accounts, PINs etc. 448 bit Blowfish. Does not install.

Eraser: FBI just kick in the door? This little program will erase data to a level that the Dept. Of. Defense uses.
KillDisk: KillDisk conforms to US Department of Defense clearing and sanitizing standard DoD 5220.22-M.
AutoClave: Hard drive sterilization on a bootable floppy.
SuperShredder: Shred’s individual files. It’s stronger than DOD specs.
DBAN (“Darik’s Boot and Nuke”) is a self-contained boot floppy that makes it an appropriate utility data destruction.

Anonymizer: Installs a small toolbar into your browser. Moves your connection to proxies around the word. Slows connection. Spoof your IP address without installing software. The paid version is much faster.

SpeedFan: Allows you to see your CPU temperature. Good for overclockers and modders.
Motherboard Monitor: Like speedfan, reads temperature and fan RPM data – alerts you when there’s trouble.
Si Meter: Great/free/small application that does live monitoring on system resources.
TDIMon: Lets you monitor TCP and UDP activity on your local system.
InterMapper: Gives a visual in real-time view of traffic flows through and between critical network devices and links.
WinBar: A compact program that lets you monitor your system and provides easy access to frequently used controls.

RegSupreme: Clean up the registry from old entries, speed up your system. 30day trial.
RegSeeker: Very tiny – does not install. I have tested this and trust it. Many tweak options with it.
RegscrubXP: A great free registry cleaner for XP. Fix those “weird issues” with Windows.
Beclean: is the complete suite of system cleaner. Registry to history – cleans many things.
CCleaner: Removes unused and temporary files from your PC – allowing it to run faster, more efficiently and saving space.
MyUninstaller 1.0: Uninstall anything,clean out old video drivers, uninstall programs that are not in “add/remove”.
DriverCleaner: Made to fully clean out the drivers of ATI and NVIDIA.
MSconfig: Get rid of startup programs that slow your PC down. This would be for Windows 2000.
Starter: It’s better than Msconfig. Also works with Windows 2000, which is nice due to the fact that 2k doesn’t have msconfig.
PreFetch cleaner: A pre-fetch scrubber to clean out files that are used commonly – can be corruption or spyware hiding.

Belarc: Takes a snap-shot about a PC (hardware-software) with a full profile report. This is very handy.
SIW: A small .exe that when ran – gives you all kinds of info about your PC and software. Need this on your tools disk.
PcpBios: Very tiny script that looks at all BIOS related information. RAM, CPU and motherboard instant info.
EVEREST: (recently AIDA32). Like Belarc, gives full system summary of hardware and software/keys.
SpaceMonger: A tool for keeping track of the free space on your computer. It shows a graph of files and sizes.
IP subnet calculator: A diagnostics tool to calculate your network latency and subnet information.
CPUid: A very small application that tells you about your specific specs. (FSB, core clock, dual channel etc.).
PC Pitstop: A good site to check how your doing on fine tuning your computer. It will also help you fix your issues.
PowerMax: Diagnostics for hard drives made by Maxtor. Download, put on a floppy or CD and test your HDD.
MemTest86: Diagnostics for your RAM. Download, put on a floppy or Cd and test your RAM.
Monitor Asset Manager: A Plug and Play monitor information utility. Provide detailed technical information about the target display.
ShieldsUP: Port scanning of all ports or custom scans. See how good your firewall is doing.
BandwidthTest: Test your internet connection speed.

TweakUI: Perfect for somebody who really wants to customize there XP. Made my Microsoft
X-Setup: Like TweakUI but with more functionality and options. Very slick.
ResourceHacker: Get in and really tweak or fix Windows. Great registry GUI hacking.
RenameRecycleBin: I made this registry value in notepad, download/double-click/”yes”/throw away, rename your recycle bin.
Matrix Screensaver: Best (only) Matrix screensaver out on the web. Great options. Here is actual text (change name for you)
FOOOD’s Icons: Great free icons for XP. Default is boring.
Strokit: Advanced mouse gesture recognition engine and command processor.
ReForce: Windows 2k and XP have an issue with Hz in games. This will allow you to set all games at a specific Hz setting.
Keyboard Remapper: Remap your keyboard keys. Easy enough.
ClocX: Analog clock for the desktop.
Xpadder: Map your game pad or RC TX to keyboard keys. Wokrs great for customized controllers.
Alarm: A digital clock that you can set to display a message and play a sound at a time of your choice. AlarmClock
WeatherPlus: Display satellite images and video around the globe, stay updated on current and expected weather conditions.
Nlite: Remove or add Windows components to your Windows CD – for next time you re-install Windows.
AutoStreamer: Just like Nlite, this is specifically for adding Service Packs to your Windows install CD’s.
Digital Blasphemy: Probably the best wallpapers and images on the net.
Konfabulator: Engine that lets you run little files called Widgets that can do pretty much whatever you want them to.

File Recovery: This is free software made by PC Inspector. Really, Really nice if you lost or trashed a file and need it back.
Smart Recovery: Recover data from flash drives: CF, SM, Thumbdrives, micro drives – etc.
Disk Investigator: Discover all that is hidden on your computer hard disk, recover lost data.
File Scavenger: Undelete and data recovery utility for NTFS volumes. 64KB or smaller files can be recovered with free trial.
CDCheck: Utility for the prevention, detection and recovery of damaged files on CD-ROMs and error detection.
Restoration: Tiny program that doesn’t install. Perfect if you trashed a file (even emptied the recycle bin) and you need it back.
RecoverOutlookMail: A little trick for recovering those corrupted .PST files.

FireFox: Drop Internet Explorer and get a superior browser. Check out the add-ons.
Google Chrome: A great webkit based browser by Google. Very fast. *
Opera: If you don’t use FireFox, use Opera. Now that it is free and Ad-free – it is now recommended.
Safari: Apples web browser now for Windows. Great web browser next to Firefox.
Reload Every: Extension for FireFox. Allows you to set reload times on your browser windows so you won’t be logged out.

FileZilla: An FTP program that is superior to “Cute”, and is Free.
WinSCP: Open source SFTP client for Windows using SSH and SCP protocol’s. Secure FTP.
FireFTP: If you use FireFox browser (like you should be) – use this plug-in for FTP functionality in your browser.
Hamachi: Setup two or more computers with an Internet connection into their own virtual network for direct secure communication. How-to’s
FolderShare: Securely keep files synchronized between your devices and remotely download your files from any browser.
LogMeIn: Easy to log into a PC from a PC, MAC or linux machine. No port forwarding involved! Just like terminal services but easier.
Avvenu: Remote connect to your PC from another PC or any web-enabled handheld. Perfect for getting those files you forgot.
Crossloop: Secure screen sharing utility designed for people of all technical skill levels. Basically, TightVNC but no port forwarding needed.
TightVNC: Remote control software- see the desktop of a remote machine and control it with your local mouse and keyboard.
RemoteDesktop: Microsoft remote desktop client side installer for older Windows versions.
RDPortX: A small app I made to change the defualt 3389 port that Remote Desktop ueses. Great for multiple RD servers on the same network.
eMando: Client/server package which you can use to control and manage a computer over a LAN or the Internet.
DirectUpdate: Get an Email of your WAN IP address changes even behind a router (for dynamic ISP’s). 60day trial ($15.00 – buy).
DynDNS: A full list of dynamic IP administration software tools.

CDBurner-XP Pro: Just like it sounds, burning program for Windows. Free.
ImageBurn: A lightweight CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application.
ISORecorder: Small program to burn images of CD’s. Once installed, right click an .ISO’s or a ROM drive and “create CD image”.
DeepBurner: A full featured Burning app for CD’s, DVD’s and ISO’s. Much like Nero only totally ~~Free

Any suggestions, ideas? Feel free to comment on this article!

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I was always baffled by the fact that Photoshop’s Picture Package command did not offer an option for three 4×6’s on a page. Little did I know, it’s extremely easy to customize these layouts and create your own just by editing a plain text file. These instructions also work for Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Album.

  1. Important: Mac OS X users much first apply an update to Photoshop before attempting to customize the Picture Package layouts. Information and and a download link can be found at
  2. Copy the next five lines and paste them into a text editor, like NotePad or SimpleText:

# I 8 10
Letter (3) 4×6
0 0 6 4
0 4 4 6
4 4 4 6

  1. Name this file FourBySixes.txt
  2. Copy the file to your Adobe\Photoshop X.0\Presets\Layouts folder where X represents your version of Photoshop.
  3. Open Photoshop and try it!


  1. The ReadMe.txt file in the Layouts folder explains how to make your own custom picture package layouts.
  2. If you’ve never used the automated Picture Package function in Photoshop 6 and up, it can be found under the File > Automate submenu.
  3. Adobe Photoshop Album and Adobe Photoshop Elements use the same format for Picture Packager layouts, so this tip will also work in those programs.

Any suggestions, ideas? Feel free to comment on this article!

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Here is a list of applications which provide the JPEG lossless rotation feature based on the IJG code:

  1. Jpegcrop [Guido Vollbeding] (Windows) – Sample application
  2. cPicture [Jürgen Eidt] (Windows) – Includes lossless cropping, Exif patch and automatic Exif orientation correction!
  3. PIE [PicMeta Software] (Windows) – Picture Information Extractor, includes Exif patch
  4. EXIF Image Viewer [Michal Kowalski] (Windows) – Digital camera photo viewer, includes Exif patch
  5. IrfanView [Irfan Skiljan] (Windows) – Freeware graphic viewer, includes Exif patch (version 3.85 or later [PlugIn!])
  6. DigiAlbum [Bernhard Baier] (Windows) – Digital photo album, includes Exif patch
  7. Cam4you [Hans-David Alkenius] (Windows) – Canon digital camera utilities, includes Exif patch
  8. BreezeBrowser [Breeze Systems Limited] (Windows) – Canon digital camera utility, includes Exif patch
  9. IxPictures [Reimar Grasbon] (Windows) – Transfer photos from your Canon-DigiCam to your computer, includes Exif patch
  10. GetCanon! [David Vidmar] (Windows) – Image downloader for Canon digital cameras, includes Exif patch
  11. Exifer [Friedemann Schmidt] (Windows) – Free JPEG Exif management software, includes Exif patch
  12. Rota [TsuruZoh Tachibanaya] (Windows) – Lossless rotation utility, includes Exif patch
  13. Jasc After Shot [Jasc Software Inc.] (Windows) – Digital imaging application, includes Exif patch
  14. PixVue [PixVue] (Windows) – Digital camera image management tool, includes Exif patch
  15. Thumber [TawbaWare] (Windows) – Digital camera image management software, supports Exif patch
  16. PhotoThumb [Jarle Aasland] (Windows) – Digital image manager, includes Exif patch
  17. ABC-View Manager [ABC-View Software] (Windows) – Flexible file manager and fast image viewer, includes Exif patch and automatic Exif orientation correction!
  18. PMView Pro [Peter Nielsen] (Windows, OS/2) – A Versatile and Fast Image Viewer and Converter, includes Exif patch and automatic Exif orientation correction!
  19. cam2pc [nabocorp softwares] (Windows) – An Image Downloader and more, includes Exif patch
  20. FixFoto [Joachim Koopmann] (Windows) – Image editing for digital photography, includes Exif patch
  21. FotoView [Martin Pola] (Windows) – jpegtran Frontend for comfortable lossless cropping and rotation, supports Exif patch
  22. JPEGCrops [Toke Eskildsen] (Windows) – jpegtran Frontend for comfortable lossless cropping and rotation, supports Exif patch
  23. Dreher [Martin Schulze] (Windows) – jpegtran Frontend for comfortable lossless rotation, supports Exif patch
  24. ljcrop [Marshall Perrin] (Unix) – jpegtran Frontend for comfortable lossless cropping, supports Exif patch
  25. imgSeek [Ricardo Niederberger Cabral] (GNU/Linux, Windows) – Photo collection manager and viewer, supports Exif patch
  26. PhotoLine 32 [Computerinsel] (Windows, Macintosh) – Image editing software, includes Exif patch
  27. Photo Studio [John Hawkins] (Windows) – Multi-purpose image management tool, includes Exif patch
  28. IMatch [] (Windows) – Digital image management application, includes Exif patch
  29. exifiron [Marko Mäkelä] (Windows, Macintosh, C/POSIX) – Orientation correction and optimization of EXIF JPEG images, includes Exif patch
  30. DW:Rotate [Photographer Solutions] (Windows) – Fast and easy lossless rotation of JPEG images, includes automatic Exif orientation correction!
  31. JPegger [Vallen-Systeme GmbH] (Windows) – Digital image viewer, includes Exif patch
  32. BetterJPEG [BetterJPEG Team] (Windows) – Lossless rotation, crop, and editing tool, includes Exif patch
  33. FastStone Image Viewer [FastStone Soft] (Windows) – An image browser, converter and editor, includes Exif patch and automatic Exif orientation correction!
  34. Lossless JPEG Toolbox [Michael Lee] (Windows) – Lossless JPEG Toolbox, supports Exif patch
  35. JPEG Lossless Rotator [Anry] (Windows) – Comfortable lossless rotation utility, includes Exif patch and automatic Exif orientation correction!
  36. Picasa [Google, Inc.] (Windows) – Photo organizer, includes Exif patch
  37. imageN [Pawel Szczerbina] (Windows) – Digital imaging software
  38. Cameraid [Juri Munkki] (Macintosh) – Digital photography utility package
  39. jpeg explorer [Jurij Mirtov] (Windows) – Digital camera JPEG file explorer
  40. GraphicConverter [Lemke Software] (Macintosh) – Shareware graphic converter
  41. ACDSee [ACD Systems] (Windows, Macintosh) – Picture viewer and digital imaging software
  42. Ulead Photo Explorer [Ulead Systems] (Windows) – Digital photography software
  43. ThumbsPlus [Cerious Software] (Windows) – Graphic management software
  44. PolyView [Polybytes Software] (Windows) – Image viewer, conversion, and printing utility
  45. Qimage [Digital Domain Inc.] (Windows) – Image viewing and printing software
  46. EyeBatch [Atalasoft] (Windows) – Batch image processing software
  47. Diji Album [Xequte Software] (Windows) – Digital photo album software
  48. CompuPic [Photodex Corporation] (Windows) – Digital content manager
  49. Photo Viewer [PhotoParade] (Windows, Macintosh) – Digital photo viewing and managing
  50. FotoAlbum [FotoTime] (Windows) – Organizing and sharing digital pictures
  51. MyAlbum [Pierre Meindre] (Windows) – Image cataloger and slideshow
  52. NikonView [NikonTechUSA] (Windows) – Nikon digital camera accessory software (dubious!)
  53. Image Preview [Microsoft Corporation] (Windows ME, XP, GDI+) – Embedded image component
  54. Photo Studio for Canon [Scott Murray] (Windows) – Scott Professional Photo Studio for Canon cameras
  55. iView MediaPro [iView Multimedia Ltd.] (Macintosh) – Multimedia management software
  56. OfotoNow [Ofoto Inc.] (Windows, Macintosh) – Online photo album uploader software
  57. jpegtranGUI [Robert Williams] (Amiga) – jpegtran Graphical User Interface
  58. Prince Digital [Erithacus Software] (Windows) – Digital image printing utility
  59. PhotoTip [DurSoft Development] (Atari) – Digital photo graphics program
  60. MediaChest [Dmitriy Rogatkin] (Java) – Media file organizer
  61. FishEye [Willem van Schaik] (Windows) – Digital image viewer
  62. Firegraphic XP [] (Windows) – Image management software
  63. PhotoPhilia [Pholix Software] (Windows) – Image management software
  64. MaPiVi [Martin Herrmann] (Linux, Unix/X11, Mac OS X, Windows, Perl/Tk) – Martin’s Picture Viewer and Organizer
  65. Easy Thumbnails [Fookes Software] (Windows) – Freeware utility for creating thumbnail images
  66. XnView [Pierre-e Gougelet] (Windows, Linux, Unix/X11) – Multimedia viewer, browser, and converter
  67. CodedColor [1STEIN GmbH] (Windows) – Photo viewer, image editing and archiving software
  68. ImageBuddy [KepMad Systems] (Macintosh) – Digital image printing software
  69. Image Resizer [SEM] (Windows) – JPEG and EXIF viewing and editing software
  70. GTK Photo Gallery [Jens Wilke] (Unix) – Manage photograph collections and order prints online
  71. My Photo Gallery [] (CGI/Perl) – Online album
  72. PhotoMan [Keith Sheppard] (Windows) – Digital photo organizing application
  73. Gwenview [Aurelien Gateau] (Linux/KDE) – Fast and easy to use image viewer for KDE
  74. gThumb [Paolo Bacchilega] (Linux/GNOME) – Image viewer and browser for the GNOME Desktop
  75. StudioLine Photo [H&M Software] (Windows) – Digital image editing and archival software
  76. pixafe [pixafe GbR] (Windows) – Relational database with lots of imaging functions
  77. Eye of Gnome (eog) [The GNOME Project] (Linux/GNOME) – Standard picture viewer in the GNOME Desktop
  78. RealWorld Photos [RealWorld Graphics] (Windows) – Image editor; retouch a .jpg image without losing quality

Check these programs out and let me know you feedback.

Any suggestions, ideas? Feel free to comment on this article!

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