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TagGalaxy offers up a novel concept concerning Flickr and tags. The set up, as you can probably guess, is influenced by space. Essentially, Flickr tags are visualized as an arrangement of planets. The greater number of pictures within a tag category, the larger the planet will be.

To start off, you simply have to enter a search term or tag into the search bar; you could enter a color, objects, a city name, etc. After you click go, you’re taken off to space, following large glowing orbs and planets. The initial effect is quite visually arresting; and it gets better. From there, click on any planet to zoom in and your planet will fill up with Flickr photos. Click on any of these to get a larger view. To view even more photos, hit the arrows at the top and your planet will be tiled with more photos. There’s also a full screen mode, so you can enjoy the spectacle even more. To start a new search, hit ‘new tag’. You’ll be able to enter in a new term and zoom in on more galaxies.

Sure you could surf Flickr the normal way, but TagGalaxy is simply brilliant. From the beginning formation of each tag planet, to the actual Flickr pictures, TagGalaxy offers a spectacular visual show. It’s absolute fun to make the planets rotate and to add more photos to your universe. You could very easily spend a good chunk of your free time on this.