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I’m planning to make a list of blog’s here in my site. The aim of this is list is free BACKLINKS for you bloggers.
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1.A Investor
2.B Investor
3.JunkieYard Dot Com
4.Internet Marketing Blog
5. Klez
6. Disasterpreparedness
7. Deal-news
8. Life of Marie
9.Make a pound
10.Susan’s Home
11. Praning5254
13. Pinay Mommy Online
14. Isamansworld
15. mumsgotta
16. Free Blogger Templates
17. Adsense-Project
18. Puzzled Me
19. Ahoy Pirates
20. Bioterra
21. Iasios
22. Itsjazmyblog
23. Michael Aulia
24. My Way
25. Aispinay
26. BrownPinay
27. Technically Easy
28. Dailyday trades
29. Platinum Picks
30. Worldwide Travel Blog
31. Melavilaalarilla
32. Points of View
33. Reflections, a Christian blog
34. Literatti Anartistic
35. Domestic Goddess Crista
36. Sweetest Sanctuary
37.Review Here
38. Aeirin Collections
39. Nick Throlson
40. nugrohoadipratama
41. Sliming Tips 101
42. Xtraordinary Blog
43. Teddy – Thought Expression
44. ReviewHere
45. learned about writing
46. Compsci Student
47. Dans08
48. The Blog for Designcreatology
49. Featured Pop Artists
50. ‘Story’ the Great

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1. Generate Traffic. To generate a lot of traffic to your site and gain recognition, you need to promote in as many places as you possibly can. Do not throw all your advertising dollars in only one or two spots. Try to determine or ask the amount of traffic they are generating. Sites generating huge traffic often require higher advertising rates. Be aware; however, that some sites requesting high advertising rates, may not necessarily be generating that much traffic. There are many sites out there that really offer a great deal and do not charge high rates. To generate more traffic find as many free places to advertise as you possibly can.

2. Target the Right Market. Try to find sites that target the type of audience you are marketing to. Example: Someone selling baby products should advertise at baby sites, mommy sites, networks, groups and forums where mommies hang out and visit frequently. Just because you may be a work-at-home mom doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to just advertising at “WAHM” sites. Place your focus mainly where your targeted market will be, but find all similar possibilities to target as well. Example: If you sell educational products to career-minded young people, you would want to focus where young people of this age visit frequently, but you can also search for a few places to network where moms may visit who have teens getting ready to graduate from high school.

3. Visit Mom Sites. Spend time visiting other sites by moms and see where they are advertising. If they are displaying a banner on their site referring to some directory or networking site this gives you a clue that they may have exchanged links or listed in their directory for free in exchange for displaying their banner. Exchanging links with websites of similar content and products as yours will help with your search engine rankings and once again target your market. While you are visiting other sites by moms, be sure to sign their guest book while you are there. Many guest books allow you to add your website’s url.

4. Use the Search Engines. Use Google and Yahoo and do a search for “Free Advertising”, “List your URL”, “Add your URL”, “Add your Site”, “Free Site Promotion”, etc. Also include keywords you use for marketing your site. Just be cautious before spending money with any new sites you haven’t heard of before. You will probably be surprised at how many sites you find that still offer free advertising.

5. Go Local. There is a HUGE competition going on all over the internet especially for those who are promoting websites with direct sales. “Local” is gaining popularity…and for a good reason. If I decided to start buying Avon, for example, I would probably prefer to buy from someone locally. Use the search engines to do a search for free classified ads in your city and nearby locations. See if you can find any local networks, groups, forums, portals, directories, etc.

6. Write Articles or E-books. You don’t have to be a professional writer. Just find some great content, some interesting facts, some helpful hints, etc. Your article does not have to be very long at all. To get better results, write more frequent short articles than just a couple of big long ones now and then. Be sure to include your name and website at the end. If you offer a newsletter, promote it as well. After you write your article, submit it to as many places as you possibly can. Give permission to others to use your articles as long as they include your name and website address.

7. Start a Newsletter. Newsletters are a great way to generate repeat traffic. It reminds your customer or interested visitors about your site when they receive your newsletter. In your newsletter, be sure to encourage your subscribers to forward your newsletter to a friend. Include information about how they can easily subscribe to your newsletter. Offering your subscribers a chance to win a free gift will often help you receive more signups.

8. Add Content. Content helps get repeat visits to your site. Sites become stale without new content. If you have a site that you can edit, use plenty of good content, especially using keywords that the search engines will pick up particularly targeting your audience that you are marketing too. If you don’t have time to do this, there are lots of sites that offer “free content” and “free articles”. Just do a search on the search engines to locate them. You can use their content for your site instead of trying to write your own content.

9. Partner with Someone. Working at home can begin to seem like a long lonesome journey. Find someone you can connect with and trust. Exchange front page links or banners and help each other promote your businesses. You could even add your partner to your signature. For example, under your name and link place: Partner, Sherry – Have your partner do the same for you. Write and promote a newsletter together; manage a networking group together. Partners can encourage each other and make the marketing road a little smoother.

10. Read and Learn. Marketing is an endless task that must be done to generate sales. The best tip I can give is to read and learn all you can about marketing and sales. You can do this on the internet as well as your local library. Find someone who is successful and get some of their best tips. If possible, set aside at least an hour or two each day promoting your business. Many people make the mistake of thinking they can create a website and traffic will automatically arrive. It just doesn’t happen. Behind each successful site is a hard worker who labored away to advertise and promote. You can do it too!

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By now everyone has seen the badges, which are sometimes called seals, all over the web. There’s a really simple way to do this using Macromedia Adobe Fireworks.

For this tutorial, we’re going to replicate the badge seen on Crucial Web Hosting. We’re going to duplicate the curved text by using the Text On A Path feature, and the actual badge is nothing more than a star with a lot of points, or rays, since a typical star has about three to five points.

Alright, let’s start by opening up Fireworks. We’re going to create a new image with a width of 200 pixels, a height of 200 pixels, and a white background. Now we can create our base shape, which is the star. Now we need to select the Star Tool.


And draw a star that’s 130 pixels wide.


Select and hold the Points handle and increase it to 22 points. Now we have a star with 22 points, but they are too long to be a badge.


Select the Radius 2, or inner radius, handle, and drag it until you have a shorter, more triangular point. Now it’s starting to look like a badge!


Time to give it some color though, since it’s quite bland. Select the Fill Category and change the fill type to a Gradient that is Linear.

Linear gradient

Our badge will look something like this, depending on what color you had originally chosen for the star.

Badge preview

That’s not the colors we want to use though, so click on background color and change the color on the left to #66AA00 and the color on the right to #CCDD77.

color change

You should now have a badge that looks like this:

new look

That’s not the direction of the badge we’re trying to duplicate though, so let’s move the lighter color to the top, and the darker one to the bottom.

different direction

Much better! If you notice on the original badge, there is a slight drop-shadow. With the badge selected, click on Filters → Shadow and Glow → Drop Shadow.

drop shadow

You’ll be given the option to adjust the shadow. For this badge, we’re going to give it a Distance of 2, 65% Opacity, 3 Softness, and 300° Angle.

drop shadow settings

So far, so good. Of course, now we need to add some text to this badge. We will start off with the text in the center. Select the Text Tool and change the font to Georgia, and the font size to 35. We want the color to be a little bit darker than the darkest color of the gradient on the badge, so we’re going to change the font color to #559900.


I should point out that on the original badge, the dollar sign is much smaller, but for the sake of this tutorial, we’re going to keep it the same size as the rest of the text. With the Text Tool still selected, click in the center of the badge and write $4.99. With the text still selected, hold down Shift and select the badge, so both the badge and the text are selected. We need to center this both horizontally and vertically. Click on Modify → Align → Center Vertical and then repeat that and select Modify → Align → Center Horizontal. Although, it’s much easier and faster to use the shortcuts, so just hold Ctrl + Alt + 1 and then Ctrl + Alt + 2.

align text

Now the text should be perfectly centered in the middle of the badge.

aligned text

You will notice that on the original badge, it looks like the $4.99 text has an inner bevel. To create this effect, select just the text, and hit Ctrl + C to copy it, and then Ctrl + V to paste it. Don’t touch anything after you do this. Now we need to move the duplicated text up one pixel, so click ↑ on the arrow keys, then hold down Ctrl + ↓. The second step moved the duplicated text layer below the original text. With our duplicated text still selected, we’re going to change the color to #000000, and adjust the Opacity to 50.

inner bevel

Now we need to repeat the above process, but this time change the color to #FFFFFF, and move the layer down by one pixel by clicking ↓ on the arrow keys. You should now have three instances of the $4.99 text, one being the original green, the second black that is moved up by one pixel, and the third being white moved down one pixel.


We’re almost done, and this last part is probably the trickiest, just because you have to play around with the size of the two circles to get the text exactly where you want it. With more practice, you’ll be able to gauge this with more accuracy. Go ahead and select the Ellipse Tool.

elipse tool

And create the inner circle, which is going to hold the text on the top of the badge, and give it a width and height of 80 pixels. Center the circle just like we did with the text.

inner circle

Now select the Text Tool and change the font to Verdana with a size of 12 and a color of #FFFFFF. Write out HOSTING FROM and position it the best you can just below the the top of the circle, vertically centered. With the text still selected, hold down Shift and select the circle, so both items are highlighted. Use the keyboard shortcuts to align the text to the top of the circle by holding down Ctrl + Alt + 4.


With both the text and circle still selected, click on Text → Attach to Path, or use the shortcut key and hold down Ctrl + Shift + Y. Now the text is attached to the circle, but we need to adjust the offset. With our new attached path selected, change the Text Offset to 15.

attatch to path

You should have something that looks like this:

should look like this

The text on the bottom follows the same process as the text on the top, with some slight variations. Go ahead and make another circle with a width and height of 95 pixels. Using the same font face, size, and color, write out PER MONTH, but this time center it just above the very bottom of the circle, and as best as you can vertically centered. With both the text and the circle selected, hold down Ctrl + Alt + 6.

per month

Attach the text to the circle just like we did before, but this time, before we set the text offset, we need to reverse the direction of the text by going to Text → Reverse Direction. Now set the text offset to -47.


It won’t look right yet, because we need to increase the Kerning of the font to 22.


And we end up with something like this:

like this

You could save this as is right now, or you can adjust the text offset and kerning a little more, and move the inner and outter circles up or down. I went ahead and made the dollar sign smaller and tweaked some of the offset and kerning, and this is what we end up with:

another version

And that’s it, we’re done! You can download the finished Fireworks PNG file to play around with if you’d like.

Any suggestions, ideas? Feel free to comment on this article!

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