Here is a list of applications which provide the JPEG lossless rotation feature based on the IJG code:

  1. Jpegcrop [Guido Vollbeding] (Windows) – Sample application
  2. cPicture [Jürgen Eidt] (Windows) – Includes lossless cropping, Exif patch and automatic Exif orientation correction!
  3. PIE [PicMeta Software] (Windows) – Picture Information Extractor, includes Exif patch
  4. EXIF Image Viewer [Michal Kowalski] (Windows) – Digital camera photo viewer, includes Exif patch
  5. IrfanView [Irfan Skiljan] (Windows) – Freeware graphic viewer, includes Exif patch (version 3.85 or later [PlugIn!])
  6. DigiAlbum [Bernhard Baier] (Windows) – Digital photo album, includes Exif patch
  7. Cam4you [Hans-David Alkenius] (Windows) – Canon digital camera utilities, includes Exif patch
  8. BreezeBrowser [Breeze Systems Limited] (Windows) – Canon digital camera utility, includes Exif patch
  9. IxPictures [Reimar Grasbon] (Windows) – Transfer photos from your Canon-DigiCam to your computer, includes Exif patch
  10. GetCanon! [David Vidmar] (Windows) – Image downloader for Canon digital cameras, includes Exif patch
  11. Exifer [Friedemann Schmidt] (Windows) – Free JPEG Exif management software, includes Exif patch
  12. Rota [TsuruZoh Tachibanaya] (Windows) – Lossless rotation utility, includes Exif patch
  13. Jasc After Shot [Jasc Software Inc.] (Windows) – Digital imaging application, includes Exif patch
  14. PixVue [PixVue] (Windows) – Digital camera image management tool, includes Exif patch
  15. Thumber [TawbaWare] (Windows) – Digital camera image management software, supports Exif patch
  16. PhotoThumb [Jarle Aasland] (Windows) – Digital image manager, includes Exif patch
  17. ABC-View Manager [ABC-View Software] (Windows) – Flexible file manager and fast image viewer, includes Exif patch and automatic Exif orientation correction!
  18. PMView Pro [Peter Nielsen] (Windows, OS/2) – A Versatile and Fast Image Viewer and Converter, includes Exif patch and automatic Exif orientation correction!
  19. cam2pc [nabocorp softwares] (Windows) – An Image Downloader and more, includes Exif patch
  20. FixFoto [Joachim Koopmann] (Windows) – Image editing for digital photography, includes Exif patch
  21. FotoView [Martin Pola] (Windows) – jpegtran Frontend for comfortable lossless cropping and rotation, supports Exif patch
  22. JPEGCrops [Toke Eskildsen] (Windows) – jpegtran Frontend for comfortable lossless cropping and rotation, supports Exif patch
  23. Dreher [Martin Schulze] (Windows) – jpegtran Frontend for comfortable lossless rotation, supports Exif patch
  24. ljcrop [Marshall Perrin] (Unix) – jpegtran Frontend for comfortable lossless cropping, supports Exif patch
  25. imgSeek [Ricardo Niederberger Cabral] (GNU/Linux, Windows) – Photo collection manager and viewer, supports Exif patch
  26. PhotoLine 32 [Computerinsel] (Windows, Macintosh) – Image editing software, includes Exif patch
  27. Photo Studio [John Hawkins] (Windows) – Multi-purpose image management tool, includes Exif patch
  28. IMatch [] (Windows) – Digital image management application, includes Exif patch
  29. exifiron [Marko Mäkelä] (Windows, Macintosh, C/POSIX) – Orientation correction and optimization of EXIF JPEG images, includes Exif patch
  30. DW:Rotate [Photographer Solutions] (Windows) – Fast and easy lossless rotation of JPEG images, includes automatic Exif orientation correction!
  31. JPegger [Vallen-Systeme GmbH] (Windows) – Digital image viewer, includes Exif patch
  32. BetterJPEG [BetterJPEG Team] (Windows) – Lossless rotation, crop, and editing tool, includes Exif patch
  33. FastStone Image Viewer [FastStone Soft] (Windows) – An image browser, converter and editor, includes Exif patch and automatic Exif orientation correction!
  34. Lossless JPEG Toolbox [Michael Lee] (Windows) – Lossless JPEG Toolbox, supports Exif patch
  35. JPEG Lossless Rotator [Anry] (Windows) – Comfortable lossless rotation utility, includes Exif patch and automatic Exif orientation correction!
  36. Picasa [Google, Inc.] (Windows) – Photo organizer, includes Exif patch
  37. imageN [Pawel Szczerbina] (Windows) – Digital imaging software
  38. Cameraid [Juri Munkki] (Macintosh) – Digital photography utility package
  39. jpeg explorer [Jurij Mirtov] (Windows) – Digital camera JPEG file explorer
  40. GraphicConverter [Lemke Software] (Macintosh) – Shareware graphic converter
  41. ACDSee [ACD Systems] (Windows, Macintosh) – Picture viewer and digital imaging software
  42. Ulead Photo Explorer [Ulead Systems] (Windows) – Digital photography software
  43. ThumbsPlus [Cerious Software] (Windows) – Graphic management software
  44. PolyView [Polybytes Software] (Windows) – Image viewer, conversion, and printing utility
  45. Qimage [Digital Domain Inc.] (Windows) – Image viewing and printing software
  46. EyeBatch [Atalasoft] (Windows) – Batch image processing software
  47. Diji Album [Xequte Software] (Windows) – Digital photo album software
  48. CompuPic [Photodex Corporation] (Windows) – Digital content manager
  49. Photo Viewer [PhotoParade] (Windows, Macintosh) – Digital photo viewing and managing
  50. FotoAlbum [FotoTime] (Windows) – Organizing and sharing digital pictures
  51. MyAlbum [Pierre Meindre] (Windows) – Image cataloger and slideshow
  52. NikonView [NikonTechUSA] (Windows) – Nikon digital camera accessory software (dubious!)
  53. Image Preview [Microsoft Corporation] (Windows ME, XP, GDI+) – Embedded image component
  54. Photo Studio for Canon [Scott Murray] (Windows) – Scott Professional Photo Studio for Canon cameras
  55. iView MediaPro [iView Multimedia Ltd.] (Macintosh) – Multimedia management software
  56. OfotoNow [Ofoto Inc.] (Windows, Macintosh) – Online photo album uploader software
  57. jpegtranGUI [Robert Williams] (Amiga) – jpegtran Graphical User Interface
  58. Prince Digital [Erithacus Software] (Windows) – Digital image printing utility
  59. PhotoTip [DurSoft Development] (Atari) – Digital photo graphics program
  60. MediaChest [Dmitriy Rogatkin] (Java) – Media file organizer
  61. FishEye [Willem van Schaik] (Windows) – Digital image viewer
  62. Firegraphic XP [] (Windows) – Image management software
  63. PhotoPhilia [Pholix Software] (Windows) – Image management software
  64. MaPiVi [Martin Herrmann] (Linux, Unix/X11, Mac OS X, Windows, Perl/Tk) – Martin’s Picture Viewer and Organizer
  65. Easy Thumbnails [Fookes Software] (Windows) – Freeware utility for creating thumbnail images
  66. XnView [Pierre-e Gougelet] (Windows, Linux, Unix/X11) – Multimedia viewer, browser, and converter
  67. CodedColor [1STEIN GmbH] (Windows) – Photo viewer, image editing and archiving software
  68. ImageBuddy [KepMad Systems] (Macintosh) – Digital image printing software
  69. Image Resizer [SEM] (Windows) – JPEG and EXIF viewing and editing software
  70. GTK Photo Gallery [Jens Wilke] (Unix) – Manage photograph collections and order prints online
  71. My Photo Gallery [] (CGI/Perl) – Online album
  72. PhotoMan [Keith Sheppard] (Windows) – Digital photo organizing application
  73. Gwenview [Aurelien Gateau] (Linux/KDE) – Fast and easy to use image viewer for KDE
  74. gThumb [Paolo Bacchilega] (Linux/GNOME) – Image viewer and browser for the GNOME Desktop
  75. StudioLine Photo [H&M Software] (Windows) – Digital image editing and archival software
  76. pixafe [pixafe GbR] (Windows) – Relational database with lots of imaging functions
  77. Eye of Gnome (eog) [The GNOME Project] (Linux/GNOME) – Standard picture viewer in the GNOME Desktop
  78. RealWorld Photos [RealWorld Graphics] (Windows) – Image editor; retouch a .jpg image without losing quality

Check these programs out and let me know you feedback.

Any suggestions, ideas? Feel free to comment on this article!

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