AskApache Password Protect adds a 2nd layer of security to your blog by requiring a username and password to access anything in the /wp-admin/ folder.

Better Than Live WordPress Search sets up an AJAX-powered search for your WordPress blog.

Custom Query String UTW allows you to set how many posts are displayed by various WordPress loop query strings, such as category and date archives, with version 2.8 tag pages created with Ultimate Tag Warrior. It also allows you to set how many pages are displayed, it is also possible to order posts alphabetically, and display them in either ascending or descending order.

Download Monitor is a plugin for uploading and managing downloads, tracking download hits, and displaying links.

Nofollow Those Dupes adds rel=”nofollow” to all links within the content that are displayed on your home page and duplicate content pages.

WP-Testimonials includes the option to display a random testimonial in your sidebar using PHP code for older templates or using a widget for newer themes.

AJAX Login means that the login, registration, and password retrieval processes are executed without reloading the entire page.

cron-demo demonstrates how the WordPress Cron feature can be used.

WP-Definitions is an easy way to bring clarity to your blog by adding double square brackets around any word like this: [[word]]. The definition of that word will then be included at the bottom of your post and the word itself will become a named anchor linking to the definition.

DualFeeds allows you to offer your readers both a full post feed (with the more tag stripped) and a summary feed.

Find Us implements Google Maps into your WordPress website.

Flexible Website Thumbnails enables you to display website thumbnails in your posts.

Hide Email disguises email addresses within your posts and pages from spambots.

Mini-Manager is designed to allow you to manage mini blocks of HTML, then include them in posts or pages simply by using their reference name in curly braces, like so: {Reference_Name}.

Page Redirect enables you to create a new page that will redirect to a different page or any url.

WP-Pingpreserver prevents WordPress from discarding pings when a single post links to multiple posts on your site.

Shylock Adsense allows you to insert Adsense ads on your blog without modifying the template.

Zooomr RSS allows you to integrate the photos from a zooomr rss feed into your site.

Email Users allows you to send an e-mail to your registered blog users, based on their role.

iCal Posts creates an iCal feed from your blog posts, which can be added to pretty much any popular website (such as Google Calendar) or application (such as Microsoft Outlook).

IIS Authentication allows WordPress to recognize IIS authentication methods, allowing the user to log in with an IIS authentication method such as Windows Authentication, Basic Authentication, or the ASP.NET forms authentication.

Leprakhauns Character Count uses javascript to count the visible characters in a post.

Meta Description Updater helps you easily update your description in header meta tag. (English download page.)

WP-PTViewer includes interactive panoramas inside posts and pages.

Short Permalink includes short permalinks on each post to use in microblogging, emails, IM or another notes.

Shutter Reloaded is an image viewer for your website that works similarly to Lightbox, Thickbox, etc. but is lean and mean at only 8KB size. It does not require any external libraries.

Twitter for WordPress displays yours latest tweets in your WordPress blog.

Code Markup makes it easy to include program code samples in your posts. You can even include HTML markup in the code sample.

GMeyshan gives your users an option check Gmail and Gmail for your domain right from your blog.

NG Primary Category allows WordPress users to define one category (termed primary category) that will be used to generate the post permalink, overriding WordPress choice by clicking a radio button next to the categories checkboxes.

NoIndex Follow Search prevents search engines from indexing your search result pages if people link to them.

Tiny Link creates an alternate TinyURL link to your article or post permalink.

Top Cat allows you to specify a main category for your posts.

Widgetbox Widget allows your users to use up to 9 Widgetbox widgets in their sidebars.

Addpile allows your visitors to submit your blog posts to

AdKit24 is a small and user-friendly plugin to create your own adbar for your WordPress weblog.

Ajah Comments caps the number of comments shown on any post to 50, which makes the post load much faster.

Author TinyMCE enhances the author description field with the TinyMCE Editor.

Batch Validator uses the Markup Validator Web Service API.

Contact Widget adds a contact form to your sidebar.

Disk Usage gives you an overview on which files and directories are using up your webspace.

Google Maps Quicktag makes it convenient to open the Google Maps web site while editing, where you can generate your map and copy the needed code to paste into the editor.

WP-Guestmap maps visitors with Google Map.

Live WordPress lets you keep track of what your readers are doing on your blog in real-time.

Meta Robots prevents indexing of your search result pages, your feeds, and adds noodp and noydir tags.

Moolet Ploplet gives you a more dynamic sidebar.

Optimize-DB allows you to clean up your WordPress databases.

Photomapper allows you to manage points on Google Maps and associate photos then attach these map ‘albums’ to your posts and pages.

Russian Search expands opportunities of search by using russian morphology method. (English download)

Viddler provides a filter for WordPress that displays videos from

AuthImage automatically distinguishes between real comments and spam through random codes in an image associated with each comment.

IMDB Movie Information Tag frabs information from IMDB about a movie and adds it to your blog.

Move Comments allows comments to be moved from one page or post to another.

Slickr Gallery uses AJAX discretely to load lots of Flickr thumbnails on demand and uses lightbox javascript to present the images.

Trustmeter for Google shows how your host is indexed in Google and if it trusted or not.

Amazon Links Pro adds relevant and contextual links to products to your site.

wpLinkMentor hooks into the XML-RPC interface of WordPress and adds three functions for remote management of links (blogroll) – wpLinkMentor.getLinks, wpLinkMentor.deleteLink and wpLinkMentor.updateLink.

Multiple Social Bookmarking lets you bookmark a site into several (more than 50) social bookmarking services. (English download.)

Plugins Viewer makes it possible to post the list of the plugins which you installed on your blog. (English download.)

Slimbox is a 7kb visual clone of the popular Lightbox JS v2.0 by Lokesh Dhakar, written using the ultra compact mootools framework.

Visitor Counter Widget is a simple access counter implemented as a widget.

YouTuber lets you add videos from YouTube and adjust the size of the videos to fit your blog

Advanced Permalinks extends the default permalink functionality and allows you to create different permalink structures for each post on your site.

Bloglines Blogroll enables you to integrate your favorite feeds in wordpress on the sidebar. for WordPress displays your latest bookmarks in your WordPress blog.

StatusPress posts your Facebook status to your WordPress blog.

GX Calendar Date Style allows you to easily display your post time and datestamps in a little calendar graphic.

Headspace manages meta-data and handles a wide range of SEO tasks.

WordPress Language Translator has been updated to work with WordPress 2.2.2. for WordPress displays your recently listened tracks in your WordPress blog.

Login Lockdown restricts the number of times someone can enter the incorrect password while logging into WordPress within a short period.

The Sphere Related Content plugin has been updated to include politics-related widgets to your site.

Summarize This will add a button to the sidebar as a widget to summarize the page.

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