divShare allows you to integrate the file upload and storage site with your WordPress and WPMu installation.

JAlbum allows you to integrate JAlbum galleries directly into your posts.

MultiUploader allows you to attach many files at once.

Ultimate Progress Bar creates customizable progress meters to show progress of Your projects.

Zorpia Hot Box lets users publish articles of your website to Zorpia.com directly, vote the published articles of your website, show voted points to each article with the widget, and allow for configuration of theme & style of the widget.

Commen Highlighter is a plugin which can be used to add different style classes to comments. There are already plugins/hacks/alterations that adds a style to all comments written by the blog owner, adds a different style to every other comment, etc. This plugin takes it a bit further.

Feed Footer allows you to add footers under all your blog posts in your RSS feed.

Gossamer Threads Tag Cloud allows you to create tags for your posts and display them in a cloud on the sidebar. Tags with more hits are displayed in a bigger font to express popularity or emphasis. Tags can also be displayed underneath the post entry.

ipeRSS allows you to add your images from ipernity directly to your Blog (as a site, in an article, in th esidebar, etc.). If you want to add the images as a site or in an article you need something similar to Exec-PHP or runPHP.

BLogscout shows the statistics tracked by the german tracking-service http://www.blogscout.de. The plugins saves the access codes for the blogscout-counter and loads the stats in an IFRAME.

Easy Textbox Link inserts a text box at the end of every post containing the title of the post and a permanent link to the entry. When a user mouses over the text box or clicks the text box the contents are highlighted in their entirety; this makes copying and pasting to a web page, blog or instant message incredibly easy.

Gametrailers WordPress plugin allows you to embed the high quality gametrailers.com gaming videos into your blog posts

Advanced TinyMCE Editor triples the functionality of the native WordPress editor.

Category Page allows you to bind a page to a category and display the page content on top of category page by tweaking archives.php or adding a custom category.php file.

ContactNG is a very stylish and small form for your sidebar or a page.

News-it lets you to add your posts ( and/or pages ) on the social digg-like http://www.The-News.biz.

Post Stumbler adds functionality to your WordPress blog which allows visitors to view a randomly selected post on your blog, with a higher probability of choosing popular posts, and with the option of only showing recent posts.

Title Override will override wp_title() output with a statement of your choice.

WP Super Edit is designed to give some control over the “WordPress TinyMCE Visual WYSIWYG Editor.”

bblogreader allows you to view the full Bad Behaviour logs from within WordPress.

Categories Autolink automatically converts names of categories inside posts and pages into links to the same categories.

Edit Comments XT allows commenters to edit their own comments.

Link Indication applies css class attributes to the links (anchor tags) in your posts, pages, and optionally in your comment, letting you characterize your types of links.

Maintenance Mode adds a splash page to your blog that lets visitors know your blog is down for maintenance. Logged in administrators get full access to the blog including the front-end.

NoPrimeTime allows you to place movies in .flv format from your web hosting acount or from Youtube in your posts and to integrate ads into them.

Simple Trackback Validation performs simple but very effective tests on all incoming trackbacks in order to stop trackback spam.

Slashdigglicious is yet another social bookmarking plugin that adds a series of logos at the end of each post to enable easy submission to various online bookmarking services.

Sphinn It allows your visitors to share a post with others.

YAK is a simple shopping cart which associates a product with a weblog post (basically adds a buy button to weblog posts which contain requisite fields, such as price, quantity and title).

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