Login Logger keeps track of recent logins to WordPress for all users, as well as all failed logins. It records username, time, IP address and how long since each login attempt as well as time since last active for each user.

My Category Order gives you manual control over the order of your WordPress post categories by letting you set an explicit order.

My Link Order gives you manual control over the order of your WordPress link categories and links by letting you set an arbitrary order.

My Page Order gives you manual control over the order of your WordPress pages and subpages by letting you easily set an explicit order.

Post Author Profile adds a link under the post author’s name to his profile page (his/her website URL, all posts written by him/her and so on).

Text Image displays your post text as a PNG image instead of sending it to the browser as normal HTML. You can specify the text color, background color, font, font size, and image width you want to use.

WP List Files is a simple WordPress plugin that can insert a list with links to all the files in the given directory.

More from Google lets you easily add search results from Google within your WordPress search results page.

Permalink Redirect has issued an updated version that adds a feed redirection function and patches a bug.

Piflasa makes it possible to insert a google picasa web album in your post as a flash slide show.

rthanks is a plugin that thanks visitors from search engines and social bookmark sites for arriving and asks them to subscribe to your RSS feed.

Skinner adds skin selection and editing to WordPress for Skinner compatible themes. The Skinner plugin is based on the Theme Selector and Theme Editor that are built into WordPress, giving them the the same level of functionality, look and feel.

StatPress is another stats plugin for WordPress.

Textile Live Preview AJAX Version adds a realtime preview to your comment field. It allows commentators to preview what their comment will look like, with Textile support.

Content Related RSS Feeds takes the most relevant keywords from the post content and goes and finds feeds containing those keywords, and does that automatically, without the need of manually searching for appropriate feeds.

del.icio.us Counter determines, how often the startpage of the blog is currently stored as bookmark at del.icio.us.

FeedBurner Category Feeds allows users to redirect each category feed to his own FeedBurner feed. Unlike other plugins that redirect all the feeds to the main feed, this plugin allows you to have a feedburner feed for each category or subcategory.

Mr. Wong Counter returns the number of pages stored for this blog on mister wong.

Social Bookmark Buttons that will add bookmark buttons for Del.icio.us, Digg.com, Netscape.com, Reddit.com, Stumbleupon.com, Google.com, Socialogs.com, and Socialposter.com.

Sticky Menu lets you define an unlimited number of menus, in which you list the exact number of menu items you want to appear. Menu items can link to any pages, posts, etc., in your site or any URLs exterior to your site. You can define a class name for each menu item.

WP Currency Ticker shows almost real-time foreign currency rates on your weblog and supports 152 different currencies.

WP_Easyreply aids you in replying to many commenters on your post in one fell swoop.

WordPress Geo Mashup plots WordPress posts on a Google Map, with a pin at each post. Clicking on a pin pops up a summary and link to the post.

AWSOM News Announcement lets you easily and quickly post announcements to your WordPress site.

Blogroll Time Since displays the time since the blogroll was last updated, and shows it in a dynamic manner that will have your visitors returning to see the freshest and newest content.

Delicatessen shows you who links to your WordPress blog from del.icio.us. It also shows the tags and descriptions which were used for labeling the posts.

Hebrew Virtual Keyboard is JavaScript-based virtual keyboard for typing ancient Hebrew (with vowel points) in a post or a page.

MacroExpander replaces user-defined keywords in a blog post with the output from the corresponding user-defined PHP function.

NoFollowReciprocity detects links to certain sites that put nofollow tags on links to your site and, in kind, puts ‘nofollow’ tags on links back to those sites.

Numbered Comments enumerates the comments in each post and shows the number of comments in the post and the total comments of the blog.

phpBay Lite is a free plugin for WordPress to display Ebay auctions via Commission Junction to monetize your website.

phpBay Pro is the commercial version of the popular phpBay Lite free plugin for WordPress to add Ebay auction listings to your site. The Pro version of this plugin has advanced features to display auction listings by specific categories, mask the affiliate urls, exclusion words and more global options in the admin control panel.

PicasaImport lets you import the rss-feed from Picasa Web Albums.

WP Campaign Monitor is an email newsletter / SMS tool built for WordPress. Users can send campaigns, track the results and manage their subscribers.

WP Plugins Tracker compares the version of the plugins in your blog with corresponding plugins version at wp-plugins-db.org database.

YiGGer automatically submits the title and content of your posts to Yigg and allows you to show the YiGG-it Button.

Comment Fields JS Validation validates the comment form required fields using JavaScript.

Custom Admin CSS hides modules in admin-edit area. Configure a simple css and have more space in the edit-area.

Disable Right-click disables right-clicks on your blog.

Disable Select-text removes the ability for readers to highlight and copy text from your blog.

Navigation Menu is a dynamic tree menu navigation that function in a similar fashion to wp_list_page().

Page Read Counter will count the number of posts on your blog, how many times each has been read, and how many people are currently reading a given entry.

phpBB Last Topics displays recent phpBB topics on your WordPress installation.

Postreach ClickComments is a WordPress plugin that allows your readers to comments by just clicking and without providing email addresses.

Resize and Save lets you attach a thumbnail image to a post that will become full-size when the post is clicked on to get the full story.

Simple Spam Filter filters out the most obvious comment spam (about 90% of all spam), which allows you to more easily manage your spam queue.

Ultimate Ad Management Plugin lets you insert ads into your blog more easily, as well as giving you more power over the display rules, visual interface, rules wizard, adsense and YPN compliancy, and admin click safety.

WordPress Comment URL Validation checks the website addresses of commenters for validity.

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