Stumbling along through the web I cam across a blog called tjantunen. He has started a traffic exchange project based on the Dosh Dosh Technorati favorites exchange. Instead of using Technorati for his exchange he has integrated StumbleUpon. As you know, getting your blog stumbled may drive major amounts of traffic to your pages. And this traffic is totally free publicity for your blog.

Here is how it works. Visit my homepage and if you like the content Stumble “I like it!” Or you can stumble this post. Either way after you have stumbled my site, leave a comment with the web site address you want to get stumbled and your StumbleUpon username. I will then go to your page and return the favor. My StumbleUpon username is nycgraphix. As noted on tjantunen’s blog the Technorati favorites exchange was a huge success that is still going strong and there is no reason really why this exchange can not have the same success.

If you start similar exchange project with your own blog, please include a link back to this blog and don’t forget to link back to the originator of the StumbleUpon Exchange.

Any suggestions, ideas? Feel free to comment on this article!
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