Einstein Stats is a WordPress plugin that will display your total completed Work Units, average credit and team name of Einstein@Home Stats.

Jon’s Showoff Rankings Plugin provides a simple and elegant representation of your blog’s rankings. Currently supports Alexa Ranking, Google PageRank and Technorati Ranking.

Set-Permalinks will login to your FTP server and make the necessary modifications to your .htaccess file and set your permalinks.

DeCat hides postings with a specific category from the feeds.

DeIP sets Commenters IP to after a configurable amount of time.

Inline Javascript Plugin inserts inline javascript in Posts/Pages.

Star Rating for Reviews is a WordPress plugin that inserts pretty rating stars based on the score you assign using intuitive, inline [rating:] tags.

NoEmbedder inserts a noembed section into any embedded content (videos, etc.) in your posts. It inserts a customizable message, and for Youtube videos, a thumbnail too.

Gadu Gadu Plugin provides your Gadu-Gadu status and allows people to add you to their list of contacts.

PXS Mail Form is an advanced contact form based on Ryan Duff’s Contact Form, but with several inbuilt checks to prevent spam.

Picasa Web Album widget is a widget designed to visualize a predefined number of random images of your picasa account.

Embedded Stock Data is a WordPress plugin for placing stock data directly into posts. Data comes from Yahoo Quote Server, and is refreshed when browser is refreshed.

Kaccordion Multipack is an implementation of jQuery, interface, jReflection and Accordion.

ScoreRender renders inline sheet music fragments inside posts and comments into images. It supports ABC, GUIDO, Lilypond and Mup music notations.

TruBar 3.0 (Lessen) is a plugin that asks anonymous users to click on a link before posting a comment or registering on a weblog.

Downloads Suite lets you manage downloads on your wordpress site. Files can be uploaded and organized into groups, linked to specific pages. Their access can be restricted to registered users with a specific user level. Manages both uploaded files and external resources (link via URL).

Alternate Comments Form allows you to add an extra contact form to your websites.

EasyBan will allow you to ban people from your site temporarily or permanently.

Rank allows you to create a “ranking” system for your regular blog commenters.

7 Social Services Plus is really simple plugin that will add bookmark links of Digg, Netscape, Reddit, Del.icio.us, Stumbleupon, Google, Socialogs, and Socialposter

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