modMunch allows you to receive your comment moderation notices via an RSS feed, instead of clogging up your inbox.

Ebay Sales Lister is a plugin that lets you display your (or others) ebay sales on your WordPress blog.

Open Web Analytics is a full featured web analytics framework that provides detailed analysis of site users, click behavior, traffic sources, feed subscriptions and content consumption.

Lycos Mix allows you to embed Lycos Mix video playlists into your WP blog

Trim Usernames trims the usernames to eliminate accidentally entered ( usually during copy/paste) spaces, tabs, colons, and double quotation marks.

Better Comments Manager is an extension of the default WordPress comments manager. It allows you to reply to comments without visiting the post page and view comments based on post.

Impress displays blog stats showing the number of users, posts, pages, comments, categories, words, and more on your blog.

If You Liked That follows the content of a post with links to a user selectable number of other posts in the same category as the main post.

Classic Posts will allow you to select posts from the post manager to be stickied and then randomly displayed.

Ultimate Google Analytics adds Google Analytics JavaScript to each page on your weblog.

Clean Trunks provides SEO Friendly URLs for post and page slugs automatically.

Onlywire Plugin adds a link to allow your posts to be submitted using

And, Planet RSS & XML Ajax Feed Checker checks as many feeds as you want, and for each one gives a small report that will help you, at a glance, determining if the feed is still there and still fresh. (not a plugin)

Spotback WordPress plugin enables simple integration of rating component into your blog. By using this tool, all your users can rate your posts.

LouderVoice Plugin allows you to easily insert hReview microformatted LouderVoice reviews into your blog posts, ready to be discovered by the review sharing website

Who Said That will inject the comment author’s URL into the comments feed.

Scheduled Post Shift automatically takes your oldest post, and updates its timestamp so that it appears as the latest post on your WordPress site.

Multi column links List generates an alphabetical listing of your WordPress links in multiple columns.

Other Posts from Category will show the last X posts from the current category at the bottom of every post, or where you manually specify in each post.

Add Signature displays a custom signature at the bottom of your posts.

Widgetize Anything allows you to create unlimited PHP sidebar widgets to use on your blog.

WP-CAL shows “Comment`s Author Label”. Clicking this label will copy author`s name to comment field.

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