If you are looking for stock images then I have posted here the best free stock image sites around. If I have left any out post a comment to let me know and it will be added to the list with credit link for you and your site.

Stock Xchng

Largest resource for free stock photos. Just be sure to check the license info as some photos need permission before being used. Sxc.hu


(at the moment the site is down but should be back up soon) All free and can be used in commercial projects without permission or credit. (has nothing to do with death) MorgueFile.com


You can download and use any image or texture from this site and use it in your own work, either personal or commercial. ImageAfter.com


Free photo resource with a decent catalog. Really free, no permission or credit needed. FreePhotosBank.com


The Open Photo Project is a moderated photo community with the goal of uniting image consumers and producers through Creative Commons licensing. OpenPhoto.net


The images may be used for commercial or personal use in print, film, TV, Internet or other media. Credit for the images is not necessary. FreeMediaGoo.com


This collection of photos is for anyone to use in just about any way they’d like. Nice Imagery! UnProfound.com


Nice collection of hi quality photos with a very simple terms of use. ImageBase


Nice site, with great stock… you need to sign up for a free membership before downloading photos. FreeRangeStock.com

More Free Stock Photo Sites

Below are sites which offer free photos, but have difficult/confusing licensing terms, smaller galleries, lower quality imagery or are a bit of a pain to navigate through:

gl.microsoft.com – Tons of free photos and clipart to use with your MS Office software.

Geek Philosopher – Lots of free photos, but check the licensing page for information on how they can be used.

Pixel Perfect Digital – Over 40 images in a variety of categories.

Pdphoto.org – Many photos in the public domain, but some are not — be sure to read the licensing info for each photo.

FreeStockMagic.com – Small but nice collection of free photos.

FreeImages – Free imagery but use of photos requires a link back to the site.

FreeFoto.com – Some decent photos available for non-commercial use.

Aarin Free Photo – About 950 free photos, but require credit / backlinks for use.

Free-StockPhotos.com – Free photos, ok selection…a little bit of a pain to navigate.


Always remember to read a site’s Terms and Conditions / Licensing info before using a free photo.

Any suggestions, ideas? Feel free to comment on this article!

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