For many different reasons Color Schemer Studio is a favorite of mine as you might already know if you have read previous entries on this blog. I want to give you a closer look at one of the tools that it has to offer and it is called PhotoSchemer. Use the PhotoSchemer to help create a color scheme based off of the colors in any picture or image.

To find PhotoSchemer go to the Tools menu and select it from the drop down menu choices or press Control+H. Now open any GIF, JPEG, or bitmap image, and the PhotoSchemer will automatically generate a random color scheme taken from your image. The palette that opens in the top-left holds the color swatches taken from your image, and the white circles scattered around the image show the point that each color is taken from. (see below)


Here are some tips for using the PhotoSchemer:

Drag the white circles around the image to fine-tune your photo scheme. You can even drag the transparent palette around if it is covering a portion of your image.
Use the Randomize! toolbar button to generate new scheme ideas, or drag the white circles around the image to change the reference point of the individual color swatches.
If you find that your image is too “busy” to pick out individual colors, press the “Mosiac Mode” toolbar button to switch the PhotoSchemer into Mosaic Mode. This mode converts your image into large blocks of color, making it easy to pick out your favorites.

Once you are set on your photo scheme, you can drag each individual swatch over to your Favorite Colors, or add the entire palette to your Favorite Colors with the “Add to Favs” toolbar button.

Any suggestions, ideas? Feel free to comment on this article!

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