Automattic Stats will collect visitor and feed stats from your blog and display it in the Global Dashboard.

Easy AuctionAds is a free plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily integrate AuctionAds into posts using different keywords.

AWSOM Drop Down Archive is a WordPress plugin designed to put a posts drop down archive link box above your posts area on your index and individual posts page.

WordPress Excerpt Editor provides a convenient place for creating and editing all of your excerpts. It can “auto create” excerpts using the first 40-55-70-100 words from the content, optionally retaining some of the HTML tags and add custom excerpts for pages.

WP Post to Twitter will notify Twitter every time you make a new post.

Blogtimes Map is a wordpress plugin that shows when the blogger posted in the last period of time, and allows a visitor to click on the blogtimes Image Map, and be taken to the corresponding posts.

The reddit button plugin integrates the reddit buttons on your blog, allowing your visitors an easy way to submit your posts to reddit. Includes automatic detection if the post is already submited as well as displays the count.

Twitter Tools provides complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account.

The IMM-Keyword plugin allow you to add keywords to their WordPress-powered site without the need to modify any existing codes or templates.

IMM-Glossary allows you to create and manage an online glossary of terms relevant to their website.

http:BL lite verifies every visitor’s IP address against Project Honey Pot’s database. Known spammers & harvesters are blocked from accessing your site, to prevent them from abusing or spamming it.

Countdown Timer allows you to count down the years, days, hours, and minutes to a particular event.

WordPress Contact Form with Spam Protection v.2 is a major release of the popular WordPress Contact Form first developed by Ryan Duff. This release adds some great features, including an optional subject list, protection from scripting entries, and setting the reply name and email address to the visitor who filled it out.

Thumbnail Viewer is simply used to overlay images on a page, similar to Lightbox JS.

Genki Feedburner SiteStats insert the Feedburner SiteStats code into footer.

EasyPayPal allows you to make money from your WordPress site by collecting a subscription payment from your users.

FLV Embed is a WordPress plugin made to simplify the process of adding FLV videos into your blog using Jeroen’s FLV Player.

iTunes Playlist Plugin will read an XML playlist generated by iTunes and display it on your blog.

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