Kaccordion Multipack is an implementation of jQuery, interface, jReflection and Accordion.

WordPress-on-a-Rope provides a soap interface for web service clients. Most of the code has been taken from the XMLRPC interface and modified to work with the PHP soap server. You must enable the PHP Soap Extension for this plugin.

Robs Translator allows your blog visitors to translate it from English to one of 10 different languages at the click of a button through Google’s translation API.

The Webdezine Pure CSS Horizontal Menu is a dropdpwn, cross browser multi-level (nested) css navigation system for WordPress that can be displayed across the top of your header area. It includes support for Pages, Categories, Archives, Blogroll and Meta Links.

Stock Quote Sidebar allows you to put a list of stock quotes in your sidebar.

Stock Quote Tooltip allows you to configure a list of company names that you want to be able to mouseover within your blog to get a tooltip with a near-realtime stock quote and mini chart.

AuctionAdder rewrites eBay-URLs in posts and comments for AuctionAds API. (Site in German)

Dash Note will allow you to create a post-it note in your WP-Admin.

Random Posts Widget is a sidebar widget cum plugin to display a random post regardless of category.

Simple Yearly Archive allows you to display your archives in a year-based list. (Page in German)

WPTWIT is a plugin for WordPress which integrates Twitter into your site. With a useful sidebar widget and a powerful templating system, this plugin allows you to keep your visitors updated with your latest tweets.

GooSPress is a spellcheck plug-in for WordPress built around Googie Spell developed by Amir Salihefendic.

TimeZoneCalculator calculates different times and dates in timezones with respect to daylight saving on basis of utc.

Mobile Web Toolkit will create a mobile version of your blog.

Lastly, AuctionAds calls for various AuctionAds tools and plugins. And they got a gift waiting for you.

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