1 Bit Audio Player is a very simple and lightweight Adobe Flash MP3 player with automatic JavaScript insertion. It’s main purpose is to act as a quick in-page preview for audio files you link to from your website or blog.

Pagebar adds a nice page bar for selecting individual pages instead of just the previous or next page.

wpSEO plugin rewrites your blog title, META description and META keywords so these are more user and search engine friendly. (Page in German)

Amazon Book Picture allows you to include a simple tag with a books asin or isbn in your posts which is replaced by an image of that book from Amazon.

Fancy Pullquotes is a simple plugin for WordPress that allows you to effortlessly obtain a nice pull-quote of a specified text. The pull-quote will be formatted with a fancy nice style, exactly like one of those you can read on a regular magazine.

Alt to Legend is a plugin for WordPress 2.0 that allows you to display the ALT text of an image as its caption.

Updated Today displays a banner in the upper left corner of your blog when the date of the last post matches todays date, therefore telling the visitor that your blog has been updated today.

Inline Ajax Page (INAP) is an extremely powerful plugin that allows you to harness the power of AJAX to improve your user’s experience. INAP is not only able to load posts, comments and the add comment box inline, but can also submit comments, paginate posts, paginate your homepage, thread comments or display a live comment preview.

Stocks Watchlist allows you to publish a Stocks Watchlist on your blog. Each stock symbol links to the Yahoo page for that stock and a “live” (20 second delay) price is shown next to the stock.

Classic Posts will allow you to select posts to be stickied and then randomly displayed.

The Wp-PlugIM plugin puts the votebox from PlugIM.com on your blog posts.

NextGen Gallery is a full fledged image gallery plugin for WordPress with support for albums, watermark functions, slideshow and zip upload support.

Jaiku allows you to display your latest Jaiku presence as well as update it.

PlugInstaller allows automatic downloading and installation of WP plugins directly from the admin interface without having to upload/unpack anything via FTP.

Admin SSL secures WordPress login and admin pages for that extra bit of security.

Mass Post Manager allows you to move or delete all posts and/or comments in selected category.

WP-BOFH randomly displays BOFH postings in your template.

Leetspeak replaces text between the [1337] container with leetspeak.

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