WPG2 embeds the Gallery2 Application within the WordPress Application, allowing WordPress Authors to share photos uploaded into Gallery2 seamlessly into the WordPress Blog and Sidebar content.

KQF adds feeds to posts, pages and much more. KQF allows you to customize the look and behavior of feeds the way you like.

KIN is just a simple notepad for jotting down notes and ideas.

Post Terms List outputs the most frequent terms of a post.

Tracer is a tracking image that allows you to monitor traffic for individual blog posts. It also works in your web feeds. This plugin adds an ‘Insert Tracer’ button to the WP editor.

CaptchaThis! is an attempt to further the fight against comment spam. The idea is asking the user (or robot, for that matter) to ‘recognize the meaning of a question and answer it. The plugin has two modes: “Click The Image” and “Answer The Question”.

SEO Siloing WordPress plugin allows bloggers to configure blogs that follow the “SEO siloing” technique where posts are grouped by category and cross-category links are only made to special category landing pages.

wp-ajax-newsletter is a WordPress plugin that allows users to subscribe and receive a newsletter containing the blog latest posts.

SEO Title Tag optimizes the title tags across your WordPress-powered blog or website.

WP Admin Bar Reloaded is displays links to the Administration Panel at the top of a blog’s page – but only for users who are logged in and have permission to view the given functions.

©Feed add copyright message, GUID for content-theft and ID of the Feed-Reader to your feed. (Page in German)

Tab-U-Later eliminates tabs from the WordPress admin interface.

jLanguage allows you to easily write multilingual posts and flag-icons are automatically used when using the 40+ predefined languages.

Widget Releases

MyBlogLog Widget displays your MBL visitors and avatars in your sidebar.

MyBlogLog Community Widget displays the communities you belong to in your sidebar.

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