Comment Email Responder provides a simple method to automatically email commenters whenever the blog’s administrator responds to their comments.

Comment Rankings displays stars in a post’s comments next to the comment’s author. Each star represented 10 comments that the author had made on the blog so far.

List Subpages with Description lists a WordPress Page’s subpages in an unordered list with a description of each one.

Block Countries uses the IP2Country database to easily enable you to block certain countries from your blog.

Availability Calendar and Booking Management provides property booking management functionality to the administration area of WordPress and can output a fully customizable availability calendar, as well as public and private RSS and iCal feeds.

DF FileConf is a plugin to be used when you are moving your blog to a different url. DF FileConf prevents the configuration update until you are confident that your changes are correct.

hiClip Webcam Plugin allows you to record and publish video/audio with your webcam in WordPress admin panel. (Page in German)

DDay allows you to set unlimited event countdowns to or count ups from an event. (Page in French)

WordPress Plugin for Bengali WordPressians allows you to write in Unijoy, Phonetic and Plain English mode.

Category Order by Usage allows you to order categories based on the number of posts that they contain.

Login Anywhere allows you to insert a login form anywhere in your blog (header, sidebar, etc.) by adding a function call to wherever you want the code to be generated. If the user is logged in, it will give them the option to logout.

Trackback List creates two functions that can be used to display the list of sites that link to your post (or page).

With FAQ-Tastic you can make single page FAQs or an index Page with a question list linking to answer Pages.

Enhanced Contact Form adds a contact form to your site. Inbuilt spam protection and ability to send CCs.

NoIndex Feed prevents Yahoo! and Google from indexing a feed by adding a no index meta tag to a feed.

Mint Popular Posts uses information recorded by the Mint stats program (paid) to output a list of the most popular posts.

post2pdf converts all your posts in pdf files ready to download.

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