I came across this post on Weblog Tools Collection. This plugin is a snap to install and it really works!

Plugin Page:

The InstantUpgrade plugin provides is a easy and safe way to upgrade your WordPress automatically with a single click (Almost!)
You can upgrade to the latest WordPress version, or you can upgrade to a version of your choice.

How it Works:
The InstantUpgrade plugin downloads the latest WordPress version from the WordPress server and unpacks it at your server.
In the next step, it deletes all of your old WordPress files (except wp-content/ and wp-config.php and language packs) and puts the new files into your WordPress directory.
At last, it runs the upgrade script contained it the new WordPress version.

Installation and Usage:
Installation and usage of this plugin requires a bit more work from a user point of view because of various permissions that need to be set.

You download the plugin and upload it in your plugins folder and activate it.

You need to chmod your WordPress base folder, wp-admin and wp-includes and their subdirectores (except wp-config) to 777. You also need to do the same to the work folder in the plugin directory. These permissions would not have to be set if you have phpsuexec or similar installed where your scripts run as your user id.

Future Plans:
– plugin’s self upgrade
– some sort of dry-run mode for the scared
– support other WP editions (e.g. that of the German WP community)
– Allow defining files to preserve (even though this is discouraged)
– if WP officially introduces and maintains incremental upgrades, support them, too
– Auto take care of the file permissions possibly via FTP

Recently, WordPress releases have become rather frequent, with a release almost every month. While several users like me prefer using shell to speed up upgrades, most normal users are stuck with the normal lengthy routine of doing so, which can become quite a pain in the neck if you have several blogs to upgrade.
InstantUpgrade bids a happy farewell to that procedure.

Installing the plugin is easy, but using it requires a bit more work. You have to remember to backup all your files and the database before running the plugin. At this point the plugin will not automate this. You also need to set write permissions before running the plugin and remove them after running (for best security).

One thing I like about the plugin is the ability to upgrade your blog to the latest WordPress version as well as any version that you choose, which means that users running 2.0.x version can also use this plugin.

Only thing I don’t recommend is to do major upgrades using this plugin. When I say major upgrade, I mean something like a jump from 2.0 to 2.1 and 2.1 to 2.2 in about two weeks time.

The reason is that WordPress includes major changes in the core during these version changes. The InstantUpgrade plugin doesn’t disable all your plugins. With major changes, there is a good possibility that many plugins may not work and could really mess up your blog!

However, for minor version changes, this is one of the best solutions we have today to upgrade our WordPress blogs.

Any suggestions, ideas? Feel free to comment on this article!

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