Login Anywhere allows the user to place a login form anywhere on their site.

WP OpenAds is a WordPress Plugin that allows website owners to easily integrate advertising into their posts and pages.

Buddy Cards are small windows that are shown next to comments and contain a subset of either public Buddy Page information available through 30 Boxes, or dynamically created information as a result of an open web search.

WP Categories and Posts is an extension of the wp_list_categories. Instead of listing just categories, the plugin lists the post under the each category as well. This is very useful for a sitemap.

Featuring CountComments counts the number of comments by authornames.

WP Amazon context link ads is a quick and convenient way to add Amazon Context Links to blog and help you monetize your content.

Breukie’s Pages Widget is a WordPress pages widget, to replace the standard pages widget by Automattic.

Complex Email Forms allows WordPress users to easily create complex forms to be emailed to a predefined email address.

Last Posts to Picture create a picture from your last posts.

SimpleTwitter allows WordPress blog owners to add Twitter messages to their templates.

CompleteRSS makes your feeds validate and attracts more users by displaying full article text in your RSS and Atom feeds, removing the ‘content:encoded’ tags from the XML, and makes your feeds appeal to more users.

Daily Top 10 Posts tracks the number of pageviews per blog post for the current day and cumulatively with options to display sidebar widgets for both.

Recent phpBB Topics will display a list of the latest topics in your phpBB forum on your blog.

Page Feed creates a page feed to show the page content.

All in One SEO Pack is a single plugin to make your blog more search engine friendly. It rewrites your post titles, uses categories and excerpt as Meta Keywords and Description and adds noindex,nofollow to category pages.