Stat Traq provides detailed statistics in a nice graphical format. It tracks hits, pageviews, sessions, browser details etc.

wordTube will display your own videos, images or sound files on your blog.

WordPress Passwords adds a site-wide password to your posts and pages without the need of .htaccess, users or security levels.

Import New Blogger imports posts and comments from the new Blogger to your WordPress blog.

Top Posts by Category displays your best posts, as determined by the number of visits to the post or number of comments.

FreshTags is a context-sensitive tagging-based navigation system originally for Blogger.

Distributed Social Networking lets you publish hCards, blogrolls as XFN, allow public/private profiles and adds a messaging system.

Category Converter lets you condense categories on your blog into a shorter list. Seems really useful if over time you want an updated category list while maintaining the posts.

Slightbox is a combination of Slimbox and Lightbox.

Simple Yahoo! Sitemap lets you create a Yahoo! compatible sitemap.

Single Bookmark Category List displays links in a bookmark (aka blogroll) category within an unordered list tag.

Simple Tagging Widget is a Widget plugin to show a tag cloud generated by the WordPress plugin ‘Simple Tagging’. Only works with ‘Sidebar Widgets Plugin’ installed.

Post/Comments Time creates a chart that shows the number of posts and comments for the hours of a day.

SL Study Motivation enables you to use your WordPress Blog as an Motivator for your Studies.

Simple Trackback Validation Plugin for WordPress 2.x performs a simple but very effective test on all incoming trackbacks in order to stop trackback spam.

Multi Column Category List generates an alphabetical listing of your WordPress categories in multiple columns. You can choose the number of columns to display, with an option to split up the list of categories by letter.

Yahoo Sidebar Link Badge Widget For WordPress displays the SiteExplorer Badge on your blog.

WP-Amazon will allow you to search Amazon as you compose your post or page entry and add links to the products on Amazon.

PHPlist Helper will render a auto-login link to phplist and can render a subscription input form within a template.

Postalicious is a WordPress plugin that automatically posts your bookmarks to your blog.

WP_Identicon provides a small persistent randomly assembled geometric symbol for each user based on their email or IP address.

Live Sync allows you to synchronize WordPress posts to Live Spaces, facilitating MetaWeblog API.

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