Noembedder inserts a noembed section into any embedded content (videos, etc.) in your posts. It inserts a customisable message, and for Youtube videos, a thumbnail too.

Dahnielson’s Footnotes adds footnotes to your posts.

Language Plugin allows you to create a bilingual or multi-lingual blog, using WordPress. The way it works is that you will write the content for your blog in multiple languages, using special HTML tags.

ScoreRender renders inline sheet music fragments inside posts and comments into images. It supports ABC, GUIDO, Lilypond and Mup music notations.

bib2html enables to add bibtex entries formatted as HTML in wordpress pages and posts.

Skinner adds skin selection and editing to WordPress for Skinner compatible themes.

Adsense Manager allows you to create, modify and position Adsense Ads from within the WordPress admin panel.

Inline Ajax Page displays an excerpt of your post (the same way WordPress does when you use the_excerpt or a <!--more--> tag), but rather than making the user go to another page to read the remainder of the post, this plugin uses Ajax to download and display the rest of it when the user clicks a link to read more.

Ask the Oracle displays the random answer to a question in Magic 8-ball fashion

WP-o-Matic create posts from RSS/Atom feeds in the categories you select.

post thumb revisited automatically generates thumbnails from post content.

External Identities – Flickr turns WordPress into a Flickr Identity consumer so that users can sign up and sign in without a password.

GT Post Approval adds Approve/Reject buttoms visible just for administrators and editors in edit » posts.

The WordPress Tag Cloud Plugin generates a weighted WordPress category-based tag or category

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