Litebox Plugin incorporates Litebox to display both single images and galleries in your posts.

authUI, a productivity plugin, provides a function that can be placed anywhere in a template to display a toolbar consisting of a log-in form, and links to creating new posts and pages.

Random Image displays images from Desktop Exchange in your sidebar.

WP Contact Form – Part III is another mod of Ryan’s WP-Contact Form and Douglas‘ mod. It now includes custom Subject support.

Head Meta allows you to add your own meta data or javascript to the meta section of your blog without editting your template

Enquiry and Contact form lets you create and embed standard or Ajax powered forms.

Link Love is a WordPress plugin which turns off nofollow for all commenters who have posted at least 10 comments (configurable).

Better Stats Insertion is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily insert stats code from trackers such as Google Analytics, SiteMeter, or just about any other.

FeedBuilder24 generates a custom RSS-2.0 feed from your WordPress weblog postings.

Photon is a plugin that allows to integrate phpwebgallery WordPress.

Admin Theme Preview allows you to preview of any currently installed theme without making it viewable to site visitors.

lets you create your own adbar for your WordPress blog.

Motivational Quote will randomly display a quote in the upper right of your admin screen. Similar to the now infamous Holly Dolly plugin.

BibTex is a tool for formatting lists of references used by the LaTeX document preparation system.

My Link Order Widgetized is the widgetized version of My Link Order.

Role Manager 2.0 is based on the plugin by Owen Winkler. This Plugin allows you to define and manage multiple subscriber profiles – called Roles and their Capabilities. Also you can create new Roles and Capabilities.

WatchMyBack24 verifies if a backlink exists to your trackbacked posting. If no backlink is given, the trackback will fail. plugin adds a ribbon to the top right of your WordPress Blog, with a link to your profile on TickMe.

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