Noembedder inserts a noembed section into any embedded content (videos, etc.) in your posts. It inserts a customisable message, and for Youtube videos, a thumbnail too.

Dahnielson’s Footnotes adds footnotes to your posts.

Language Plugin allows you to create a bilingual or multi-lingual blog, using WordPress. The way it works is that you will write the content for your blog in multiple languages, using special HTML tags.

ScoreRender renders inline sheet music fragments inside posts and comments into images. It supports ABC, GUIDO, Lilypond and Mup music notations.

bib2html enables to add bibtex entries formatted as HTML in wordpress pages and posts.

Skinner adds skin selection and editing to WordPress for Skinner compatible themes.

wp-weather widget uses to show forecast information for a city.

Duplicate Content Cure prevents duplicate content in wordpress blogs by adding a noindex meta tag to wordpress pages that don’t contain any unique value, like categories, archives, and paged pages.

wp-publications-archive is a WordPress plugin that allows administrators to upload and manage all sorts of files (i.e., publications). Additionally, end-users are able to navigate, search, and download them in the front-office.

Currency Converter sidebar widget for WordPress that can convert between 148 currency formats from all over the world.

Ajaxified Expand Post NOW uses AJAX to expand the “more…” on your blog.

Ma.gnolia Widget allows you to display your ma.gnolia links in your sidebar similar to the sidebar widget. This widget uses SimpleXML and as such requires PHP5.

Visualize Advanced Features will display the hidden buttons in the WordPress 2.1 WYSIWYG editor.

Meyshan 6 acts as a place holder for any 6 plugins of your choice, in a very beautiful mini tabbed pages.

onAirNow gets information about your currently playing track from a file uploaded via FTP and displays it on your blog.

IWG Extended Author List expands your author-list at the post-page of every user that is allowed to show_in_authorlist.

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