As promised here is Part II of the Web 2.0 Experience Post

Revenue sharing community. 50% of all ad space spreads between users.


Don’t Decide Alone. Relationship decision-making made fun and easy.

Social Search

Social Search app where you trade the results like a stock market

Suggest and Share Local Places for your Meetings, Events and Parties

On, you can suggest and share local places for our meetings, events and parties. No more emailing back and forth about where to go on Friday night with all our friends! Just one site where you can list all the options and see all recipients’ responses automatically updated on the page without a page refresh!

Xufe Bets

Web 2.0 social sports betting, odds comparison and bookmaker stats.


Mashup combining photos, videos, albums and knowledge, united into self-organizing categories. Sign up to join webmunes and blog about the webmunes that matter to you.

Event Listing on Phone – New York, San Francisco, London and the whole WORLD. Check all the upcoming events in your town from a cell phone.


Broadcast an online video site in minutes

GotuitSceneMaker – Social Video Tagger

Find, tag and share the best online videos with this free YouTube and Metacafe social video bookmarking site.


RadarSync offers a database of over 80,000 device drivers and software updates for your computer. Try the free scan there now.

Bubble Share

Very easy to use Web 2.0 photosharing site, with some really innovate features. is a graphical, fully interactive, AJAX based homepage, with all of your favorite websites in one place. You can drag and drop your favorite icons in and out of your personal start page.


Ajax based MSN Web Messenger

Boompa is a car/vehicle community for users to upload their rides and share knowledge of aftermarket parts.


A network of social portals around topics of interest created by fans

social surveys – for everyone who creates anything.

a super easy way for you to get feedback on all your creative efforts. photographers, artists, web designers, whoever. Also a cool way for you to pay people for their input if you want. Get Out of Any cellphone Contract

CellSwapper matches individuals who are currently locked into a cell phone contract, with those who are would jump at the prospect of a short-term contract (as low as 1 month), a free phone and no activation fees. provides an online marketplace for wireless plans and also offers some of the hottest phones at heavily discounted prices.

CellSwapper takes things one step further by actually providing the online technology to make the transfer process as seamless as possible.

Ajax Write

The look, feel, and functionality of Microsoft Word, in a completely web-based AJAX platform.

Collaboration Tool for Research

A social Networking site to expand research among students, teachers around the world. Just register and share, search articles, lectures, papers, events, bookmarks. etc.

workmagnet – new jobsite

It’s new, looks good, feels different. The only problem is the lack of jobs and features, but they promise to add new things every week… Definitely one to keep an eye on – no AJAX as far as I can see, does that count as 2.0?

Picato- Share pictures of cats or kittens

Picato is a site for sharing pictures of your cat. You can browse pictures of other cats or view their profiles. Pictures can be categorized, organized and sorted by tags.


TalentSpy is a service that provides job seekers and employers a quick and easy way to find the jobs and the staff they’re looking for. Was lucky enough to get a preview – looks great!


A Personal Knowledge Library allowing you to search, save and share your important information, ideas and knowledge.


I like Pageflakes because the modules it has are more intelligent than other start pages like My Yahoo! or Windows Live. Pageflakes has great modules to Flickr, Gmail, to-do list… and RSS reader, of course. Just my prefer start page!


DIY map mash-ups for non-programmers. Super fun.

Free CSS Shopping Cart – Free CSS Shopping Cart, css2, web standards, xhtml, web 2.0.


Online Transnational Justice

Politics 2.0

Political news website for the new Web 2.0


Client-side dashboard for Web 2.0 Apps

Remember The Milk

Never forget the milk (or anything else) again. Remember The Milk is the easiest and best way to manage your to-do lists online.


Interactive music which allows you to mix, share your mix, make custom ringtones, vote on mixes, etc. etc. Great software, couple of big name artists already, should fly…


Cingo is a simple, easy and powerful new way to experience the internet and organize your family in one great location! From the clean, uncluttered home page to feature-rich sections such as News, Movie Listings, and Shared Calendar and To-Do Lists, Cingo helps your family to easily stay connected online. And best of all, Cingo is free!

Shout Central

Beta version of a new Social Community site featuring real time AJAX chat.


Helping you find where other people aren’t

“Easily, the world’s fastest email.” Nice interface. I hope this releases by the summer.


FlexDirectory is an ultra-lightweight directory web application, designed for use in small groups/organizations with lots of turnover/change of roles. It isn’t currently in ‘beta’, but its new, its AJAX based, and its listening to user comments.

Any suggestions, ideas? Feel free to comment on this article!

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