If you’ve ever searched on google for free and quality WordPress Themes, you know that there are just about 1 million designs out there. Most designers love to create WordPress themes, so they can demonstrate the quality of their work and add some fresh works to their portfolios.

However, most WordPress themes are either used too often or just have nothing to offer – particularly, if you are looking for a free, impressive and professional design. However, sometimes search is worth it. And now your search is over.

Join us as we countdown 100 WordPress Themes you probably haven’t seen yet. All themes offer quality, elegance and a user-friendly interface. Each day we will showcase 10 random themes free for you to download and use with your own WordPress blog.

100. Redoable 1.0 [Preview ]


99. Iceburgg [Preview ]


98. Soxnest link [Preview ]


97. Gridlock [Preview ]


96. Fresh Theme [ Preview ]


95. Deep RedTheme [ Preview ]

Deep Red

94. Time Manager [ Preview ]

Time Manager

93. Fluid Solution [ Preview ]

Fluid Solution

92. Intra Blog [ Preview ]

Intra Blog

91. XV [ Preview ]


Check back tomorrow to see what we themes we list in our countdown.

Any suggestions, ideas? Feel free to comment on this article!

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